The Old and New Gods Setting

What follows on this page is a in progress setting I use for all my sessions. It borrows much from the official setting in the DMG, as well as ideas from common mythology, and other fantasy settings. The setting is consistently being updated as I write new sessions and material. Further background information for each story arc will also be posted on a separate page. This is originally to be used as a reference for my players, but I always like to share material.

Nations Of Anead

Griffin Empire: The Griffon Empire’s Heart beats at Greyhawk. It fair King, Harold The Champion  has ruled for 52 years. And his Family for 8 generations. The Empire doesn’t shy away from war, but actively promotes peace between in and the neighboring nations. Only 20 years ago the empire invaded the brutal tribelands, to preempt an invasion from the local tribes. The region has been civilized to a degree and now acts as a naval refueling and trading base.


Trinity Alliance:


Mendus Kingdom: The Mendus kingdom was forged in both fire and war. Ruled by a ruthless Dark Skinned elf, Named Mendus Bloodtalon. Mendus is constantly seeking a battle, and looks at both the Griffin Empire, and the Occupation of Twilight with greedy eyes. His personal order of heavily armored warriors, called the “Blood Cleavers” act as a brutal police force and private assassin outfit.


Aracon: Placed at the Center of Anend, Acaron has become a merchant republic and banker capital of the Continent. Wielding powerful economic power over the rest of the nations.


Thugon Dynasty:

Teocan Empire:


Occupation of Twilight: A deeply religious theocracy, the Occupation claims they are safeguarding territory for the arrival of Xonton, God of Dusk.  Xonton, is said to reside in a shadowy palace on the edge of the Plane of darkness, actually connecting the Plane and the Underworld. The Occupation believes the end of times will come when Xonton unleashes the Plane of darkness to overwhelm the underworld, and the material plane. This will usher in an age of 10,000 years on darkness. After which Xonton, will pull the shadows back to their plane, and life will begin again anew.


Day and Night Cycle: The Sun and Moon rise and fall like any in any other realm. However they are brought through the sky by Illidar, the God of Betrayal. Illidar takes his chariot which drags the twin moon and sun behind him. The Sun and moon are chained together, and slow slip past each other as the chain is rattled in transit. This means that for a singler month, the Moon and Sun cross the sky at exactly the same time. This month in the dead middle of the year, has a blood moon for the entire month, and strengthens the powerful evils on the plane.


Winds of Magic, Magical energies enter the material plane by slipping through the Veil, originating from the elemental planes the winds blows differently at different physical locations on the material plane. In areas where the winds blow strongly magic is extremely powerful, and aspects of the planes bleed on the material realm. The winds do not always blow constantly at locations, meaning a location could be extremely magical one day, and completely inert the next.


Many planes exist alongside the Material one, they exist in concentric rings, which rotate slowly around the material plane. Elemental opposites exist on the same rings, meaning they never clash, while harmonious planes often intersect and effect each other. Various smaller planes are created and destroyed in this process, and some even drift between the rings, or are outside of them entirely. These planes require exceptional power, or specialized magics to access.


The Celestial Plane: A plane that exist far above the others, the Celestial plane is literally where the oldest, and most powerful gods dwell. A plane divided into territories each claimed and shaped by the god who owns it.


Major Planes

The Veil, The Veil’s power, and significance are second only to the Celestial and Material Planes. It is the largest and most nondescript plane of them all. The Veil exist to connect every other plane, and creates a membrane between the planes, separating them from each other, most of the time. A foggy and ever changing realm, the Veil takes on the attributes of any nearby plane, looking more and more like that plane the closer it is. When closest the veil acts as a mirror image of a plane, but one in which detail are foggy and colors hazey. Effectively navigating the plane is nearly impossible, and the lost souls of those who never made it to the underworld roam freely here, the playthings of necromancers and saviors alike.


Plane of Darkness: The plane of darkness is seldomly the home of good being. More often evil, but a fair share of neutral creates exist there as well. Every shadow cast in the material realm is a sliver of this plane, but only as an exit, never as an entrance. To travel across the plane is to travel in endless night, no light, save the purple everflame of its most powerful creatures will live for long, Few non-native beings have even dared to seek out this realm. While rare, this plane is sometimes used as a banishment for the darkest of souls, abandoning them to eternal night.


Plane of Light: As to be expected the Plane of light exist in exact opposition to the plane of darkness. The Plane of light sits on the highest orbital of the planes, while the plane of darkness is on its lowest. Poetically, this places them in synchronous rotation with each other always keeping the balance between the two perfect. The plane of light is composed of endless floating platforms, each of which houses a community of heroic or good souls. It’s natural inhabitants are of a lawful good alignment, and many beings here seek justice for those in other planes.


Plane of Fire: The Brass City.

Plane of Air:  Skyships

Plane of Water: Palace of Ten Thousand Pearls

Plane of Earth:


Lesser Planes

Lesser planes lay host to the fantastic creations of the gods, and the accidental intersecting of the planes. Each lesser plane serves some purpose which the major planes cannot, even if no one can divine the true nature of these planes they all hold a space in the cosmos.


Mechanus, the Grand Design:


Ysguard, The Eternal Battlefield:  A raging plane of ice, fire and battle. Upon the freezing mountain tops and Fjords, warriors who died honorable deaths battle one another endlessly. Below the mountains fiery canyons and fields play host to those who died above, and these who die here appear above.  Warriors admitted here never find boredom in the endless battles and many legendary heroes and items reside on this plane.


Hades, The Three Glooms: When the twin gods, of Remorse and Vengeance cannot decided on the fate of a soul it is sent here. The Three Glooms, are a depressing grayscale version of Elysium. Souls sent here eventually become Larva, massive putrid maggots, who retain their human faces. Larvae hold only scant memories of their past lives, and are often stolen by dark creatures for even darker rituals.

Nine Hells,


Gods exist across the planes, each favoring a particular one, however, the oldest, most powerful, and arguably original gods exist on the Celestial Plane.

Old Gods: The Olds Gods have existed a long as recorded time has known, and are the most powerful gods. They each claim a territory on the Celestial plane, and each commands legions of minions who do their bidding throughout the planes. These gods have seen the rise fall of civilizations, and obtained their power (and status) through means that have been lost to all but them.


New Gods: Created from ambitions to rival the gods themselves, the New gods are a weaker breed of Celestial being. While still immensely old, they came after the Old gods, each created through the conflicts of mortals and celestial. These new gods now battle for followers and power with the Old gods. They reside throughout the planes and each New God’s relationship with the others is tenuous. On the material plane, followers are attracted to the New gods due to their high activity in mortal affairs, the New Gods encourage their priest and clerics to recruit new Followers to improve their own prestige and power.

Illidar, God of Betrayal

Illidar, Once a servant of the (god of the sun), betrayed him/her. Now in exile from the Celestial plane he rides a chariot which pulls the chained Sun and Moon, he races across the Material planes sky and brings Night and Day. Much like the heavenly bodies he drags behind his chariot, Illidar’s temperament changes depending on the status of the chain. When the Sun  is closest, he is furious in his feeling. Typically jovial and fun, but quick to change and always intense. While the Moon is closer he much calmer, and typically forlorn. Changing his attitude in this state is often very difficult or even impossible.

Xonton, God of Dusk:  Xonton resides in a shadowy place on the edge of the Plane of Darkness. In his Palace is a doorway to the underworld, the only known way to escape the plane. Xonton, is cold blooded and ruthless taking his role as guardian of the celestial  prison of evil very seriously. He cares little for people’s motivations, or reason they are in the plane. He simply knows if one is sent to the plane they must not leave.

Death and the Underworld:

Death is a fluid barrier in this world. At death the body, mind, and soul are separated. The body decomposes to return to the earth. The Mind is returned to the flow of mana which creates it, and the soul is sent to the underworld to be judged.

People who travel to the underworld must shed their bodies, but may retain their mind and soul, This means to return a body must be preserved, or a new one created.

Ikarus, God of the Winds of Magic,

A soul is first ferried across (Death’s river), to enter the underworld, from there they are judged by a god of Remorse, and a god of Vengeance. The souls is judged in a comedic but socratic debate between the two gods, each impactful action is reviewed and decided upon as the result recorded, at the end whichever side a person falls on is their fate.  If allowed the soul may continue to Elysium, a realm of peaceful and simple existence to await their rebirth. If a soul is found unjust, or evil it may be cast to the Nine Hells, a place of eternal torment and anguish. Here demons and devils reign, battling one another for control over the several layers. Souls are rarely chosen from the The Nine Hells for rebirth as more often than not souls are forced into committing even more unspeakable deeds to survive the hellscape.