Always Remember Your Silver Cup

Always Remember Your Silver Cup

The six lupine monstrosities stood circled around the adventurers, their mere presence corrupting and pervading that peaceful place. Black and grey fur matted with blood and dirt shown in the moonlight, making the easily six foot tall monsters loomed high, with gnarled and scarred faces, out from which protruded long, terrifyingly sharp fangs which looked more akin to knives then teeth. The monsters circled around them now, live wolves before the kill, their faces showed the pure ecstasy these creatures got from this moment. When they toyed with their food, just before it’s death.

Similar yet all together more horrifying thought ran through the four who were now prey standing in the circle of horrors. Terrible yellow eyes pierced them, and long terrible, deadly claws clicked in waiting. All the while, that ever-present companion, shown pale  the blood of theses creatures former selves.  The Howls must of froze the adventurers, but now they stood resolute, First was Ilaryon who slashed and hacked with his twin swords. He lunged at the nearest beast breaking their tight formation,  as the creature raised it’s massive forearm in opposition. Ilaryon’s years of study and experience in the wilds did not fail him, his blades landed clean on the beast arm as fur went sailing through the wind. The monster did not wince, or retract however, while the blades lay hard pressed on it’s arms it felt no obvious pain. With a savage roar it clawed back using his free hand, and the Springwarden was sent to the ground stunned. “I know of few natural beast which can withstand good steel, these are true lycanthropes!” he shouted as he tumbled under the beast next swing. The wood elf dashed across the grove and readied his bow.

After Ilaryon struck the beast in front of him, Hohenhiem widened his stance and braced his shield, he would cover the back side of his tow allies and they him. His Griffin clad longsword was illuminated brightly, and just at the edges of the light small feathers fell shedding from the source, leaving minuscule orbs of light all around the group. When two of the Wolfmen lunged in close, Hohenhiem rebuked them with skill, and returned a strike to one which did have effect. The beast screamed out in true pain, which sent an obvious shiver through the pack, it was now clear. They were not use to their prey fighting back. Andareta seized the chance, she whipped her hands and invoked her dark gifts. Fire burned clear across the grove and ignited three of the beast who immediately began rolling and tossing attempting to put the flames out. “That will help” she said, “I just hope the forest doesn’t burn down with them” she gripped her mace and the radiance of the sun shown from her hand. Even this was a strange sight to the Beast and cuased the few left to cringe. Zara broke from the formation, dodging the flames and turned back again, she grabbed her lute and strummed a heavy note, deep cords bored out of her and the air began to take a metallic quality to it. She faced two Lycans flaking Hohenhiem’s now exposed side and charged forward. Quicker then even Ilaryon eyes could follow as a bolt of lighting and thunder enveloped her. The two Wolves when flying through the grove and Zara turned to face the remaining beast.

As the creatures roared across the grove, Ilaryon took aim, focusing with nature he imbued his shots with the razor barbed thorns of the earths vengeance and loosed two shots. Both landed spot on and again the grove filled with screams of pain and vengeance. Hohenhiem gathered his strength for another blow, he reared back his blade and chanted an entrentment to his holy divinities “To keep balance with nature, and protect the ancients I smith you!” He ran his gilded blade through the creatures, and forced it deep, the iron hilt wrought in deep carvings of the griffins wings stopped the blades advance. The beast whelped like a sick dog and collapsed to the ground. The rest of the pack broke into either a great fear, or a power frenzy. They all snapped and clawed now, twice as fast, twice as hard, it was now truly a fight for their lives. Hohenhiem pulled mightily at the blade and removed it from the corpse, which rapidly been changing back into the form of a man. There staring him in the face with cold storm grey eyes, and a mangled beard was the pack leader.

Andareta stuck the beast as soon as it’s head came up, still fresh burned and smoldering. The crack rang for a moment, and the light from her mace, almost made the demon spawn look like a warrior for the gods. The wolf clawed and bit but could not land a strike, it was use to much darker places. Zara snuck around the flank of the dazed beast, and struck it hard with her staff. the Sharp butt oozed poison and the top was shaped like a spider, her Drow goddess Lolth would be proud of the kill, underhanded and efficient, the perfect revenge for failures, fool who could not ambush properly.

The two Lycan bodies dropped at Ilaryon’s feet and recovered surprisingly fast, he stood strong undrawing his bow, at this distance he could only strike one properly, and that would not do. He reached for his blades but stopped himself, they were of no use. Behind the hulking beast he could see his friends wiping clean the pack and Hohenhiem had already noticed his predicament. Ilaryon back peddled, thinking hoping to gain precious second to find a solution. It came to him in a flash, during their last adventures he had laid claim to a rusty battle axe, and a fine silver goblet, inlaid with emeralds something about the small cup called to him. He had not acquired much so it still sat in the side pouch of his bag, he reached behind him and produced the goblet, holding it by the hopefully sturdy base he began to flail it at the beast. “Lycans hate silver!” he shouted, and as the cup made contact the skin and fur of the beast burned. He struck the first hard across the face and it went down, he turned to the other and lunged the small object at it, it turned to flee but was met with Hohenhiem’s blade, as he turned around Zara and Anderata were finishing the other. Always remember you silver cup.

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